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Total Recut – Remixed Media


Here one that I saved for later a few months back and only got back around to it recently. Total Recut is a website set up by a fellow Irishman to bring about a community of video remixers, mashup artists and the like. It is a great project with a lot of potential. There are a fantastic selection of recuts accessible from the site so far and a few I have not seen before. Also on the site are links to source material, applications and other info about the scene. I hope the site grows to be a great community of like minded folks who wish to engage people with their new creations with old media. Mashups are fast becoming the biggest buzz on the web and there is so much more material to explore. Read more

Julian Opie walks O'Connell St.

opie dublin1

Some new magnificent sights on Dublin’s main thoroughfare are the big walking LED people. This is the work of renowned artist Julian Opie. It’s like the characters on the pedestrian crossings as animated giants, walking but going nowhere. Read more

I Heart VBS.TV

“Steal what you need to steal” – Terry Hall.

VBS.TV is the online video channel offshoot of Vice Magazine. It features a variety of programming which really appeals to my sensory apparatus! Artists and musicians interviews, social and cultural documentaries – they’re all here. The above video is part 2 of an interview with Terry Hall from the Soft Focus UK show. There’s not much else I can say about this channel apart from that it is brilliant. Tune in now!

But one recommended documentary you should watch for starters though is Columbian Devil’s Breath. It’s subject is the story of Scopolamine, possibly the most dangerous drug on the planet and defiantly not for recreational use. Scary stuff indeed.