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Sarsparilla in “Rowboatcop : The Unreleased Movie”

Sarsparilla in “Rowboatcop : The Unreleased Movie” from itison on Vimeo.

a long time ago, in a particular direction in the digital depths of analogue time and space, a music video was made.never seen before. never before released, that is, until now. presents..Sarsparilla in

This video was shot in January 2008 and lay on a drive in a half edited form for quite a while. I had to make a small amount of footage go a long way (in more ways than one!). In an attempt to clear some backlog from the creative pipe (yes there is further back to go!) I am putting this out there as is now. I should say that these ‘projects’ are all self initiated for the sake of art.

I think a good addition to it may be some comic titles.. suggestions welcome in the comments.

The track is from Sarsparilla’s first album “Karahee” released on the Alphabetset label in 2007. Be sure and check it the new album “Slave To The Cat Gang” via Myspace…

The Sound of Mu(sic)

klf pyramid

So a while back there was a site called which teased the electronic music community into thinking there was a new KLF (aka Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) release on the horizon. I have to say I was blissfully unaware of this even though I has got an image from somewhere on the interweb, for use in a mammoth project I have been working on, which should have resulted in further investigation on my part. The site had some great images in the KLF style which caused a bit of a storm online and speculation of a reformation of Mu!

Anyway to make a long story short, the whole thing was a big skam by Strictly Kev and Mr. Trick and a good one at that. The Sound of Mu(sic) was the result. It hailed a forthcoming new documentary about the KLF previewed by a half hour mix of Mu sounds and it is now available for your listening pleasure. Find out the full story via the links below.


Strictly Kev (aka Dj Food) comes clean
Mr. Trick’s confession
PDF Booklet made by Strictly Kev
Watch the Stadium House Trilogy on Stage 6 with some other treats
Watch The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid
The Manual – How to Have a Number One the Easy Way (PDF)
KLF fansite
KLF Communications

Here is the vocal version of the mix which gives the game away by featuring an interview with Bill Drummond..