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I went about some scanning of some of my old 35mm photographs during the small hours. Was just going to do a few but then got on a roll! The above is the result. These are from between 1996 and 1999 with the majority being from 1997. They were taken on my Pentax F20 SLR. There’s even a few here from the Laurent Garnier gig way back in December 98 in the Mean Fiddler.
This embedding is done using Flickr Slideshow Generator. Mmmnn, maybe I could change the whole theme to have a black background and it would look better.

EDIT: Ok I’ve put up a set of some of my better photos and it is on it’s own page now here
Me thinks I will use this now instead of SimpleFlickr for blog posts with photosets. Edited Lightwave below and a few others. Also changing the theme to black in the CSS didn’t really work too well so I will leave it as it. To view this blog filtered with my photography just click on the ‘onphoto’ tag in the tag cloud or click on THIS