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Oh blog, oh blog, why have I foresaken thee?

Well sorry about that, I have been in other parts of the internets, building and testing other things, other spaces.
But more than that, it has been about connecting the dots, joining information together, organising it. Linking relevant content is something I do in a editing sense with video, but is it static, it does not give you (as in, the viewer) leads. With the web you can do this and remixes happen naturally by site hopping much akin to channel hopping back in the tv days. Forming links between information encourages education. It allows you to open your mind. It allows you to escape from mass media and search deeper into news and history.

I have been working on ideas with this in mind.

To see some of it, go to [work in progress please excuse the mess]

More soon.

No Place Is Home (at Christmas)

This short documentary piece was made on Christmas Eve 2007 on the streets of Dublin. In it, we hear the stories of a number of homeless people and see the various ways people can end up out on the street. Thank you to the Dublin Simon Community for allowing me to film one of the soup runs. Almost a year later and I have edited this piece. It is rough and ready but I felt I needed to get this up before this Christmas to highlight the issue of homelessness. Now that we are in an economic downturn I hope we can be grateful for what we have and to help others less fortunate whenever we can. We are all only human afterall.

Please spread this video around

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Shook All Up

“Shook All Up” by You™ vs. Elvis was one of my favourite entries in the WFMU Sixty Second Song Remix Contest. If you haven’t heard of this before, do check it out.. there are some amazing minute versions of lots of well known tunes and other experiments like Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album squeezed into one minute. The Elvis mix by You™ is a quirky cut-up of his hit “All Shook Up”. So I decided to put video to it as I was using some Elvis moments in another project. I found a few versions online and it was amazing to see the change in the way Elvis sang it over time. Especially in the later Vegas years where he seems to just want to get it over with as quick as he can. Perhaps he should have remixed it! Anyway.. here goes it..

It’s all synced up!

for all good music
go to…

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