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Paddy Murray teaches us a new version of the Pogues classic!!

I can’t imagine Shane McGowan singing this version!

It was December 24th, equal status female friend,
In the area set aside for the treatment of those with alcohol problems,
A senior citizen suggested that i seek medical help for fear that I may
suffer fatal consquences from my condition in the coming twelve months,
Then he sang a song,……..

Fair play to Paddy Murray for his humorous insight on the case of the BBC censoring “Fairytale Of New York”. Head on over there to his site and read (and sing along!) with the two versions. Which do you prefer?!

Check it out >

Merry Christmas, or whatever you are having this time of year!

Ho, ho , ho!

Justicia Now

justicia mofilms

Last post for today (on this site anyway!). I forgot to link this up here before. I have it on my Stumbleupon page and spread it a bit on Facebook. This is a short documentary by Mofilms which gives us an insight into how the indigenous people and nature in South America are affected by the business of Oil.
You can download the film from

Justicia Now! is a documentary about Chevron Texaco’s toxic legacy in the Northern Ecuadorian region
of the Amazon rainforest – and a courageous group of people called Los Afectados (The Affected Ones) who are seeking justice for the ensuing cancer, sickness and death in the largest environmental class action lawsuit in history.


On a related note; have a look at this very informative website

IT IS ON dot TV # 1 – Tara Saga


The first programme is on officially as of 22nd of December 2007 at 06:08 UTC (Winter Solstice). It is called “Tara Saga” (now the third working title for this documentary project!) and is a project to tell the story of Tara from circa 3,000 BC to the present day.

There are still a few glitches to sort out with the site but it is up and running now and I wil fix it and build upon it along the way. The last few months since June of this year has been an amazing journey for me because of taking on this project. I’ve been relatively quite about it on the blog here as it has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. I didn’t want to start the online documentation of the documentary (and that’s what it is, and more) until I was prepared to do so. I been looking for some way to fund this project but nothing in the usual official ways works out for a variety of reasons. So now take the project back to the internet where my interest in the current issues surrounding the preservation of our heritage and culture and better future which have been highlighted by the controversial decision by the Irish Government to build a motorway through the Tara-Skryne (Gabhra) Valley.

So the site is open and the idea being that it is an open media channel. You can participate in the dialogue by uploading video responses to the site or my comment in audio and/or video via your computer’s mic and/or camera.
At present the technology behind the this is not working and it will hopefully be fixed soon. But you can still use Revver to upload pre-recorded pieces from your computer when you log-in to the site.

Here’s the first Revver video I put up which was made in the small hours before the Winter Solstice and the launch of the site.

Please participate in the Tara Saga. The site will be unmoderated for the first few weeks so you can register straight away and collaborate with this new media.