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No updates for a while

Well, there’s not been any updates in a while, I haven’t had the time. Plenty to write about, so expect a backlog of blogs soon. Just testing out WordPress 2.5 here with this post as I am building a site for a client using good old WordPress as the CMS. Some of the plugins I had selected for it don’t work after the upgrade so it’s troubleshooting time now. Perhaps I should have left it the way it was, but there are some new features, such as the better way to add media which is more user-friendly and like another plugin I had previously used.

So anyway I will update here when I can. I have some nice half written articles which I will finish off soon and get them up here. Some may be stale bread now as they relate to current affairs but may put them up anyway.

Ciao for now.

I broke it!

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I converted all the categories to tags, thinking I would still have the categories there to structure the blog. The last backup was done in early December so I won’t bother reverting and just use this as an opportunity to restructure this whole blog.
I have being experimenting with different themes and plugins over the past few weeks on this and on the Tara Saga site and have managed to screw things up on more than one occasion. WordPress has recently been updated (version 2.3.2) and this meant that some themes would need some hand coding to make them work in the newer version. For some reason though on the particular blog, no matter which themes I use they always seem to default to the Kubrick theme whenever I have my back turned! I originally thought this was just with the K2 theme but it doesn’t seem to be.
Tags are an experimental new feature in WordPress implemented previously in certain themes and now in version 2.3.2 of the CMS platform. I guess it will by more fully featured in the next big WordPress upgrade due in a few months. Tags are great! They are a linking and sorting system which has revolutionised the web in in 2.0 age. When they are applied right by users they really make for a better web experience. There are so many great sites out there whose functionality depends on them and their addition to the WordPress platform should really make things much better.
So I will have to go back though the posts here and sort them out into new categories and give them relevant tags. I also need to fix the problem of the defaulting theme and sort out a better navigation system. There is a great plugin that worked for me before called Extended Live Archives but it unfortunately doesn’t work yet with the latest version. I have also been testing magazine style themes which are really ideal for this type of multi subject, multimedia blog. So hopefully this blog will be more user friendly soon and in the meantime I will make some quick fixes to the navigation.

Blog updates

I’ve been tinkering around with the K2 theme for WordPress but it seems to keep defaulting back to Kubrick. I have a plan though to make this whole thing work nicely. The Tara Saga site is evolving too with lots of cool features and I will soon be putting up a couple of video specific blogs.

So if it’s not looking a neat and usable as it should be then it’s because I’m renovating!