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Maldives underwater politics

In the run up to the Copenhagen conferences, the President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed chaired a cabinet meeting underwater to make a point about rising sea levels.



This is an online collaborative tv channel I put together. It is just in it’s baby stages but something I have been thinking about for a long time. The idea is to have playlists of media bytes which contain a good message to humanity. It is all done on the Mogulus platform which enables you to put together a streaming channel of your favourite clips on the Youtube. The platform is intuitive and has some great features such as ticker tape with linkage and also allows you to go live. This channel is It’s aim is to infotain. By sharing collections of media with a good message we can help to nurture a more equal society for the whole world. Teams can work in a collective environment to show the world what we deem to be important to us as human beings. Viewers can also chat live on top of the video to add to a truly interactive television channel. So, if you want to add to this please get in contact.

we {at}

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Tara: Squeak In A Hole

Breaking News

A brave protester known as Squeak is down in a tunnel at Rath Lugh in a surprise move in the campaign. She has firmly embedded herself beneath the path of the road. The tunnel is a the result of massive undertaking over the past few months by protesters opposed to the construction of the M3 motorway in the Gabhra Valley. This is an eleven minute cutdown of the video released by Tara Pixie earlier. You can see the full half hour video which shows another confrontation at the national monument between the activists, road workers and gardai on Tara Pixie’s LiveVideo site

Statement on behalf of the Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp
21st century souterrain

The Protectors at Rath Lugh have planned a Direct Action method used for the first time on protest sites in Ireland. They have dug a tunnel under the route of the M3 directly in front of the Rath Lugh promontory fort in the Gabhra Valley, Co Meath in Ireland. The Protectors intend to occupy this tunnel and seal themselves inside indefinitely to prevent construction traffic from passing overhead. They are laying their very lives on the line to protect and preserve Tara’s
landscape from the destruction wrought by their own Government.

The Protectors said: “We want to draw attention to the continued erosion of the esker by passing construction traffic, hence damaging the base and foundation of the Rath.”

This is a continuation of their non-violent direct action. The tunnel acts like a souterrain giving the occupant protection and making it very difficult for the enemy to enter.