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Shall Virgo To Space..

virgin galactic shuttle

If I had $200,000!

Virgin could be sending the first space tourists to the stars as early as next year. The final frontier will have been crossed for the average (albeit, fairly well off!) citizen, when commercial space travel begins. Richard Branson has always been an amazing innovator and radical entrepreneur. From Mike Oldfield to Virgin Galactic, its sure has been an amazing journey so far for him and his Virgin brand. He is certainly no stranger to walking the path that has not being walked before.

So his latest conquest is space and you can’t aim much higher than that!

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Fare game for public transport?

Well I just noticed scrolling past the ticker on the TV3 news just now that the fares are set to got up on the Luas and then followed by all other public transport. Is this some kind of a joke? Only days after Noel Dempsey does his about turn and encourages people to use the car less they put up the fares! He was talking after the announcement that 29 million passengers used the Luas in 2007, a rise of 3 million since the previous year.

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Welcome to 2008


Our planet

Happy New Year! It’s 2008 and it’s gonna be great!

So this year has been designated “International Year of Planet Earth” by the United Nations General Assembly. This is a forward thinking project which aims to bring about more awareness about the care we need to give this planet we all live on and to think about the generations who will be living on it in years to come. Read more