Linkage 28/02/08


Ok, so in a semi regular feature from here on on I will post some links to cool stuff of interest that I bump into around the web that I etiher don’t have time to blog about, is covered elsewhere better anyway or just needs no explanation. Generally this is what I used Stumbleupon for anyway so some of my stumbles will be repeated here. The linkage posts are aside from the asides over on the side there too!

Previews : Firefox Extension so you can see the page these links link to without leave the page. Essential app from the makers of PicLens, the image browsing cool tool for Firefox, as previously mentioned in the Asides.

Tell Rall’s Cartoons…. some great political commentary on the run up to the US elections.

Animated John Lennon …. film made from interview by kid in the bed-in period.

Chris Anderson’s Free article from his forthcoming Free book (not really free!)… essential reading.

A critical response to that article

I will do a proper post on the above at a later date. I have a lot of thought in that area. I could write a book about it! In a nutshell, I agree with Chris but there needs to be building block put in place to ensure that content creators can earn at least on par with service providers.

Cory Doctorow writes about Intellectual Property and it’s drawbacks

Mini projector : the Future is now..

Google Sites is released providing an excellent way for groups of people to communicate and collaborate in a wiki format about work or education over and intranet or the internet.

A technophiles bed!