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Distractions and holding back.

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg.. the underlying theme herein will be expanded upon over future posts and so this is an introduction of sorts. I think a lot about the direction we are going in with social media et al, or whatever it will be called in the future. The wheel is turning faster and faster and everyday we are seeing more and more innovations to make our virtual lives and communications easier. But there is the rub. Just because it is easier (more convenient) doesn’t necessarily mean it is any more useful, it may just make room for more distraction. Much of what we invest in is worth nothing when something better comes along.

If we are in a global recession, then why and how can we afford to keep buying virtually nothing? We are upgrading and obsoleting technology quicker than ever and piling up rubbish that was once worth substantial amounts (of course it still is to those in the lucrative recycling industries) so we can move on to the latest trend and give ourselves a false sense of belonging. The question is though, do we own our purchases or do they own us?

The Law of Distraction may sound familiar to those of you who have explored the realms of self-improvement on the information-super-highway. I’m putting this out there as a mirror on that and on our internet use (also, wider media consumption) in general. How much of what we consume is useful? How much of it is useful enough to improve our livelihood and advance our career path? ¬†How much of it is distraction? Of course we individually know the answers to these type of questions. We are living the same experience, that of the information age, but we are not all on the same page and that is largely the point. Whether you are an early adopter or a noob, the net has become a part of daily life for a large amount of people and within that there is a sense of pressure that you need to be part of the latest trend or get left behind. But what do we leave behind?
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bbc zombies

here i little something i made..

Well this goes back a few months, but then again i haven’t added much here in months either. I’m just fixing some broken things in my WordPress install as well as running a theme for mobile devices. Everything is kind of working now apart from the front page. Here you should just see summaries so that you have to click to go to the full post. For some reason this is not working right now. There was an earlier problem with the database which was further screwed up by a plugin doing something else.

watch “bbc zombies” on YouTube.

Stayin' Alive in Lebanon

This is great stuff, got this via Holy Shmoly. The Irish Army are “Stayin’ Alive” in the Lebanon. This video is currently being investigated by the Military police and I hope they have a good laugh about it and then forget about it. This type of behavior should be encouraged! The British Army did a version of “Is This The Way To Amarillo” based on the Peter Kay Comic Relief sketch which sparked this off and I hope it becomes a trend. Imagine a Taliban and Al Qaeda version! This could bring about world peace! Or locally and better still would be an Irish government one to the tune of Abba’s “Money, Money, Money”

From RTE News:

This afternoon, a spokesman for the Defence Forces said the video had first been uploaded while the troops were in Lebanon. It was then taken down but posted again recently. The spokesman said the posting of videos by soldiers on peacekeeping duties was an unwelcome trend and was not at all encouraged by the authorities.