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WIKILEAKS vs The Pentagon – Rap News

Che-che-check this out!

Here’s a great informative piece of infotainment, talking about net neutrality and all..

RemixTV (2004)

This is an experimental videomix I made back in 2004. It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes in duration, broken up here into 8 parts to fulfill youtube limits.

The video was made by feeding live television into Arkaos VJ software and also through an Edirol V4 video mixer. Then I went about channel hopping while mixing some music with the audio from the television coming in occasionally.

Some of this is good, some of this is bad. I had planned to edit this down to a “best of” 20 minute or so mix, but that is a task for another day and would detract for the idea of a live remix somewhat. The audio levels fluctuate a bit as the ads are always louder and so is not very professional in that regard. However, it works ok.

I have done this type of thing many times but this was stored on a drive for over 5 years
and so i decided to put it out there.

So, it’s old, it’s a bit messy but it is what it is. television reprocessed with music.

watch all 8 parts on YouTube .

Fianna FAIL

This is hilarious. No need for a comment, it says it all really.