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Broken Site Bits

Some parts of the site may not function as before.. after upgrading to WordPress 3.0  I have not checked everything, but there are some obvious breakages.  The main thing is the nav bar for pages on top… the links are there (in Safari, not Firefox) but not as they should be (have put pages list in sidebar). The site is due an overall (and some more regular input) so will leave it until I have more time.

Will spill some thoughts here over coming days about where I’m at etc..

test post (hide from twitter et al)

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Might as well leave this here for reference. So now that I have things set up here properly again I plan to blog more often. It may be just a video share with some observation on it or it may be a more in depth post examining the development in our networked world. There have been many thing I have wanted to blog about over the past few months but I felt I was in danger of getting to personal with some topics. Such topics deserve a wider space of their own where discussion is encouraged more.

For the past few months I have been experimenting with the Elgg platform to build the network needed for the progression of the ITISON idea. Of all the tools I have used to attempt make this happen, Elgg has been the best. Although it is not without it’s cons most of what is not working is down to my own lack of experience in coding. This is a good thing, for I cannot see it’s limits.

I will post a proper post on Elgg soon after version 1.7 comes out.

In the meantime you can check out and join in one of the beta sites here….

A year out!

Just a quick post re WordPress. I have upgraded to 2.71. now which allows automatic upgrading of versions and plugins from here on it. Very handy indeed. However getting this working was not without it’s woes (some still unresolved here) but thanks to Tara in Blacknight it is now up and running. I needed to move on up to PHP5 and all seems ok now. One small snag though is that the posts (I re-imported them from backup I done earlier) from the last year (very little of them anyway admittedly) are not showing up in the normal page view. They are here though in the archive and in the sidebar over yonder. Anyway, it’s funny that it has jumped back almost a year to the day and my last post was concerning a Tara too!

Anyway, last years Paddy’s Day was spent up at Tara and it gonna be the same again this year. The documentary project has been on standby for the most part but there have been many developments in the last year that play an important part in the story. The major one being the huge economic slump worldwide and the unravelling of the incompetence and corruption that has prevailed in this country for the last decade under the guise of the Celtic Tiger. This does all fit in with the wider story I am attempting to tell with the Tara Saga story and it is sad the a lot of my predictions have come through. I’m not gleefully saying “I told you so” but there are interesting times ahead to say the least, where questions raised by groups involved with campaigns such as Rossport and Tara are going to be asked by the wider public.

It is a time though for reflection and change and hopefully people will have the time to concentrate on the things that matter. All the rest is irrelevant.