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Green : an idea suppressed by Your Country Your Call

I submitted a proposal to Your Country Your Call on February 18th entitled “Green” promoting a change in the way we view the Cannabis Sativa plant. It was not the only proposal I submitted, there were others, including “Bring Back Glass Bottle Deposits”. “Renegotiate The Corrib Gas Deal” and “Free Computing, It’s Easy” (open sourcing public sector computers). Unfortunately I can’t link to “Green”, well I am, but it will only take you to a page that reads; “You are not authorized to view this idea.”

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Whiskerino : A beard for a season

I was growing a beard for the last four months. There is nothing extraordinary about me growing a beard, but this was for a reason, a purpose if you will. I was growing a beard to celebrate the beard in Whiskerino, the behemoth of beard contests.

“We are alienated from our own facial hair. Society tells us that full beards are unacceptable. Businessmen, politicians, bankers, and the like are all clean shaven; all demonstrating the standards that middle class society expects us to maintain.”
from the Whiskerino About page

Whiskerino first surfaced on my internet radar back in 2008. That year’s contest had recently finished and I thought that it would be a real cool thing to do next time round, so I put a note in my calendar in the future. The future arrived in 2009. The start date was November the 1st and I had begun a journey. I shaved away my regularly appearing facial hair. Mackle, the leader of the beard pack was very kind to let me in after the site had reached it’s 400 beard original capacity on the opening day (eventually there was over 500 participants). Given the time zone difference I had allowed myself some extra time before I uploaded my first photo. It was 3 am eternal. I was in Whiskerino.

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Welcome to 2008


Our planet

Happy New Year! It’s 2008 and it’s gonna be great!

So this year has been designated “International Year of Planet Earth” by the United Nations General Assembly. This is a forward thinking project which aims to bring about more awareness about the care we need to give this planet we all live on and to think about the generations who will be living on it in years to come. Read more

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