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Guck Foogle

The good folk over at F.A.T. (Free Art & Technology) have been “fucking Google” this week over at Transmediale in Berlin. Get all the latest over yonder on their blog…

Blu me away!

Ok. This needs not words.

But perhaps an appropriate palindrome… Wow !

View this art by Blu.

For more info.. go to webspace of Blu


lightwave @ the science gallery

Lightwave is a bright and shiney new festival ran by the Science Gallery to herald their launch this year. The Science Gallery is an initiative of Trinity College Dublin promoting the area where art meets science.

There is a great selection of exhibits on show including Beau Lotto’s ‘Bee Matrix’, Karl D. D. Willis’ ‘Light Tracer’, Benjamin Gaulon’s ‘De Pong Game’, Elke Harras’ ‘Light Drops’ and many more.
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