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The Crises of Capitalism

David Harvey’s words are animated on the topic of capitalism and our economic world in which we live today. Of course I don’t mean they are dressed up in any way… just objectivity helped by visuals.

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Blu me away!

Ok. This needs not words.

But perhaps an appropriate palindrome… Wow !

View this art by Blu.

For more info.. go to webspace of Blu

Laika Zune

I meant to put this up before but it got lost in my stumbles!

This video features the track “I Am The Unknown” by Scottish band The Aliens in a video directed by Rohitash Rao. This is a great animated video based on the russian cosmodog, Laika on featured on the Microsoft zune-arts site. The site seems to be offline at present but I’m sure it’s just a temporary glitch. This is a very nicely put together website with a great use of Flash, made to promote the potable media player offering from Microsoft, the Zune.
So ok, technically this is an advertisement then, but a damn good one at that!