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Blu me away!

Ok. This needs not words.

But perhaps an appropriate palindrome… Wow !

View this art by Blu.

For more info.. go to webspace of Blu


lightwave @ the science gallery

Lightwave is a bright and shiney new festival ran by the Science Gallery to herald their launch this year. The Science Gallery is an initiative of Trinity College Dublin promoting the area where art meets science.

There is a great selection of exhibits on show including Beau Lotto’s ‘Bee Matrix’, Karl D. D. Willis’ ‘Light Tracer’, Benjamin Gaulon’s ‘De Pong Game’, Elke Harras’ ‘Light Drops’ and many more.
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Lichtfaktor lights it up..

Wow, these guy do amazing work with light trails in motion. I found this video on Hobnox as one of the great entries to the Hobnox Evolution Contest. I was of course very impressed and needed to see more of the lights fantastic! So I navigated my way through the interweb to discover the Lichtfactor website and was treat to two more great videos. The Youtube video above does this no justice, I implore you to go see the better quailty version from Hobnox or their own site! Youtube is the big box store with woeful bad encoding don’t ya know!
The soundtrack on this and another on the site is by The Green Man. I hear the Mac trash empty!