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Promoter vs VJ

so true!

(thanks to Carrie Gates for the share)

RemixTV (2004)

This is an experimental videomix I made back in 2004. It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes in duration, broken up here into 8 parts to fulfill youtube limits.

The video was made by feeding live television into Arkaos VJ software and also through an Edirol V4 video mixer. Then I went about channel hopping while mixing some music with the audio from the television coming in occasionally.

Some of this is good, some of this is bad. I had planned to edit this down to a “best of” 20 minute or so mix, but that is a task for another day and would detract for the idea of a live remix somewhat. The audio levels fluctuate a bit as the ads are always louder and so is not very professional in that regard. However, it works ok.

I have done this type of thing many times but this was stored on a drive for over 5 years
and so i decided to put it out there.

So, it’s old, it’s a bit messy but it is what it is. television reprocessed with music.

watch all 8 parts on YouTube .

Halfset – Prairie

Here is the music video I made for the track “Prairie” from the new Halfset album “Another Way Of Being There”

The CD version of the album comes with an excellent DVD, which I produced, with a different artist interpreting each of the tracks. I made this one and two live videos shot out in RTE. Some of them are online.. check them out..

Halfset Youtube Page

Halfset Myspace Page

The album is also available on the iTunes music store here