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I went about some scanning of some of my old 35mm photographs during the small hours. Was just going to do a few but then got on a roll! The above is the result. These are from between 1996 and 1999 with the majority being from 1997. They were taken on my Pentax F20 SLR. There’s even a few here from the Laurent Garnier gig way back in December 98 in the Mean Fiddler.
This embedding is done using Flickr Slideshow Generator. Mmmnn, maybe I could change the whole theme to have a black background and it would look better.

EDIT: Ok I’ve put up a set of some of my better photos and it is on it’s own page now here
Me thinks I will use this now instead of SimpleFlickr for blog posts with photosets. Edited Lightwave below and a few others. Also changing the theme to black in the CSS didn’t really work too well so I will leave it as it. To view this blog filtered with my photography just click on the ‘onphoto’ tag in the tag cloud or click on THIS

Party Pix Experiment

dee from hb photoset

Time out! So I went out and got drunk on Friday night which lasted well into Saturday. It’s been a while but it was good to catch up with my friends. I don’t get out enough, which is kind of self inflicted for a number of reasons! Anyhow it was a good laugh and I ended up back in Highbrazil (not correct spelling!) for an after party in the small hours for my friend Jen’s birthday.

I had just recently got my good Lumix camera back from repair so I took it upon myself to grab some obtrusive shots! It’s just as well my friends are used to me when I am snap happy! I got a good exposure set on the camera so I could snap away without the flash and be sure that the majority of the shots would come out ok (I avoid the flash as much as possible). Read more

All hail the Deacon, Dan….

hail dan

Wow, what can I say. “Blown away” would be a could place to start in attempting to describe the experience of a Dan Deacon gig.
I had heard some of his music a few months back and couldn’t get enough of it. I missed the show he piut on last time he was in town but was sure to get myself on down to Whelans on Wexford St to witness one of these spectacular shows. Your Only Massive did a great warm up for Dan and got the crowd to shake their cool away in reference to people who are “too cool” to dance. Luckily I had located mysself on the balcony so was kinda excused! It’s not that I don’t dance, it just well, you know… I’ve gotta be really into it or someone on the dancefloor! Anyway I wished I was down there in the thick of it for this gig. It was fantastic. It was great to see a level of crowd interaction with and artist like this, it is certainly something new and unique. Dan inspires you to get on down, have a laugh and be part of a crowd. He sets up on the floor as opposed to the stage and gets people to get in close. He controls all the lighting for his set-up and the lighting is about as basic as it gets. A glow in the dark skull and a spotlight that are synced with the music provide all the light needed and also create the atmosphere to keep the crowd engaged.

So here I present to you a little video clip of the night. It is ten minute quick cut of Dan Deacon’s amazing show in Dublin on December 2nd 2007. The audio quality is awful from the digital camera i was using so please don’t take that as an indication of the sound quality. The camera just doesn’t like the bass! The sound was fantastic (spot on Gerry!)… the atmosphere was electric. Dan is the Man.

There was lots more good footage but it’s best to keep it short here as the sound quality does not do it justice. A good idea maybe would be to turn down the video sound and listen to a better audio recording by Dan over it. I also took a small number of photos, the best of which is above, check out the rest on my flickr.

So here’s the video…

Uploaded by itison

and the music video for Crystal Cat…

Nialler9 has posted about both shows, so head on over there and check out his reviews and some courtesy mp3s.
There is a great interview / podcast over at The Sound Of Young America that you should check out too