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Time out! So I went out and got drunk on Friday night which lasted well into Saturday. It’s been a while but it was good to catch up with my friends. I don’t get out enough, which is kind of self inflicted for a number of reasons! Anyhow it was a good laugh and I ended up back in Highbrazil (not correct spelling!) for an after party in the small hours for my friend Jen’s birthday.

I had just recently got my good Lumix camera back from repair so I took it upon myself to grab some obtrusive shots! It’s just as well my friends are used to me when I am snap happy! I got a good exposure set on the camera so I could snap away without the flash and be sure that the majority of the shots would come out ok (I avoid the flash as much as possible).

So anyway I’m in the office early on Saturday, straight from the party and unable to do the real work I need to do, so the best thing in these circumstances is a bit of experimentation. I have been messing around a bit with screen captures and using it as a device to play with photo and video on the fly and capture in real time, the process. My hard drives are full with such experiments and it’s about time I got one out there into cyberspace, so this was a good one to start with.

So there was some great photos taken, if I do say so myself and I decided just to get this batch out there as an alternative to uploading the lot of the photos to flickr. I have let my flickr account get a bit out of control and need to sort it out a bit better and delete some of the not so good shots. I will soon use the tagging on flickr for a more photography portfolio type site on the main pages of This will use the flickr api to show selected works which I am happy to call my better photographs. A lot of the photos I take are deliberately taken for image sequences so as you can imagine the digital photo library is pretty massive (31.2GB the last time I checked!)

The video below is an experimental piece made up of screen captures while sorting through some photos. It was originally synced live to a different soundtrack that was playing in the background but it was 40 minutes long. This is a summary of sorts of that. It could be better but I just wanted to get this out there to show the possibilities of remixing your desktop!

This is the result… (scroll down for link to high res version)

Matthew Devereux – “Brand New Bicycle”

Here’s some of the photos…


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