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WFT Persil?

Percil adfitti?

I took this photo back at the beginning of September on the Naas Road. I had seen these strange clothing printed onto walls hanging out to dry, albeit without the Persil ‘tag’, on a number of occasions, in a number of locations around the city. Being an admirer of street art, grafitti and the like, I was curious about the wet clothes plastered to the walls. It was a letdown to discover this was an ad campaign by Unilever when I spotted this ‘piece’ on the Naas Road, near enough to the Bluebell Luas stop. I made myself a note to go back and take a photo and this is it.
So, Lever Bros are getting down with the street vibes now then I see! I wonder though is this not ‘posting bills’ or advertising without permission? Contrast this with the sight further on up the road with the Anti Graffiti Van Man erasing some much better tags off a far less obvious wall.