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Mixtape Amnesty

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I picked up the Irish Times today and had to take a snap of the back. There on the page of ads was a big one for Mixtape Amnesty. I thought, this can’t be serious….


The website is here is you want to find out how you can get rid of these criminal cassettes. Cleaning up after the 80s, deleting history from the analog, tape by tape.

Spoiler alert..
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Laika Zune

I meant to put this up before but it got lost in my stumbles!

This video features the track “I Am The Unknown” by Scottish band The Aliens in a video directed by Rohitash Rao. This is a great animated video based on the russian cosmodog, Laika on featured on the Microsoft zune-arts site. The site seems to be offline at present but I’m sure it’s just a temporary glitch. This is a very nicely put together website with a great use of Flash, made to promote the potable media player offering from Microsoft, the Zune.
So ok, technically this is an advertisement then, but a damn good one at that!