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Might as well leave this here for reference. So now that I have things set up here properly again I plan to blog more often. It may be just a video share with some observation on it or it may be a more in depth post examining the development in our networked world. There have been many thing I have wanted to blog about over the past few months but I felt I was in danger of getting to personal with some topics. Such topics deserve a wider space of their own where discussion is encouraged more.

For the past few months I have been experimenting with the Elgg platform to build the network needed for the progression of the ITISON idea. Of all the tools I have used to attempt make this happen, Elgg has been the best. Although it is not without it’s cons most of what is not working is down to my own lack of experience in coding. This is a good thing, for I cannot see it’s limits.

I will post a proper post on Elgg soon after version 1.7 comes out.

In the meantime you can check out and join in one of the beta sites here….

New Entry!

Yes, this is a new post, but by the time I publish it is is old! There is no such thing as old news, it’s just olds!
News is the plural of new. Right, ok, enough of that now! This is just a quick post to herald a new front page
intro type thing to the main ITISON site. It is a sign that a new site is
coming soon! Click on the sign to enter. Nothing to see here!

new entry