A Spot of Leopard

Well Apple have preview some more of the 300 new features of the new installment of OS X, Leopard. Steve Jobs gave his keynote speech at WWDC ’07. Well it looks good. There is some amazing new Finder functionality whereby searches allow Cover Flow like iTunes currently does. This looks really cool. This function also allows searching over .Mac, which is a good thing as the service has been due an upgrade for a few years. Rumor has it that Google may be having a look under the bonnet of .Mac. Better search and organising of files are a blessing for all of us Mac heads.

For me the most exciting thing was the demonstration of Core Animation. This is automatic animation. A step up on the path from Quartz, this allows applications to be more interactive. The video search tool looks great where you can search videos by tags and get a very cool display of all your videos.

Check out the video here.