No Place Is Home (at Christmas)

This short documentary piece was made on Christmas Eve 2007 on the streets of Dublin. In it, we hear the stories of a number of homeless people and see the various ways people can end up out on the street. Thank you to the Dublin Simon Community for allowing me to film one of the soup runs. Almost a year later and I have edited this piece. It is rough and ready but I felt I needed to get this up before this Christmas to highlight the issue of homelessness. Now that we are in an economic downturn I hope we can be grateful for what we have and to help others less fortunate whenever we can. We are all only human afterall.

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note: the quality of the encode is not great from some reason.. this is the 2nd version I put on but it will have to do. I originally tried to put it on Youtube, as it looked like they had changed their terms and were allowing videos over ten minutes, but alas they are not.

[edit] also available on Dailymotion via LINK HERE. The encode is better.. click on HQ

To download a Quicktime version… Right Click > Save As on this LINK HERE (via