Exclusive News on Viva Palestina Convoy to Gaza


via visionontv:

CALL THE BBC: 03700 100 222

13 days into the journey and the BBC has yet to cover the 200+ vehicle Viva Palestina Convoy that is travelling with aid from London to Gaza.

With massive media coverage in Greece, Turkey and around the World the UK Media should be ashamed of its dereliction of duty.

Public interest is intense, our map (http://readingpsc.org.uk/vp3) has received 500,000+ hits in the first 2 weeks alone.

About the Convoy: http://vivapalestina.org
Get news & track the Convoy: http://readingpsc.org.uk/convoy
List of UK media contacts: http://readingpsc.org.uk/media

YouTube – Exclusive News on Viva Palestina Convoy to Gaza.