Leprechaun on the loose in Alabama!

Wow. Almost 5 million views of this and rightly so. Well, I guess this is old news then, but for those who have not seen it, this is a real treat. This has to be one of the greatest news reports ever. Check out the detail on the eye witness’ sketch!

And then there was the rap. Of course there had to be a rap mashup made about it and a good one it is. There are more versions up on the ‘tube of you’ but save yourselves the bother, they ain’t worth it. This is da original!

Ok ok, so this one has probably been around the block a few times but I’ve only just seen it and couldn’t wait till March 17th to post it. I got it via 8hands when I checked a link in a comment below. I was gonna put in a clip from Darby O’ Gill here as it is usually on the box this time of year. Well I haven’t been watching it so I wouldn’t know, but a search on Youtube will bring up some nice treats including this bit of Bertie bashin’!

Well it’s a good a time as any to divert your eyes to this little short short I made with Mark Philips, starring Rachel Rath, Paddy Sandham and himself. I did the camera, editin’, music makin and stuff! It is very short and so short it is here twice (well actually I missed that on the export, one has a slightly different colour effect) so have a look and see!

Where did they put me lucky charms?!

leprechaun |ˈleprəˌkän; -ˌkôn| noun (in Irish folklore) a small, mischievous sprite. ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Irish leipreachán, based on Old Irish luchorpán, from lu ‘small’ + corp ‘body.’