Electric Picnic in pics

Well, I was going to do a full review of this year’s Electric Picnic festival, but I’m backdating this now so it’s best to let the pictures tell the story for the most part. Briefly though, yes it was good. I was sober all weekend on doctor’s orders and quite proud of myself for that. Missed Friday night but got down on Saturday and provided live visuals for the excellent Halfset in the Body & Soul area and played a DJ set on Sunday on the Cosmololis visuals tower. Highlights included Dj Yoda, The Silent Disco, Le Bien, The rap kid in the Lost Vagueness Chapel, The whole of Body & Soul, The Hog sandwiches and Lucent Dossier’s Vaudeville Cirque.

There are two photo sets here, one of the Electric Picnic in general and one for the Vaudeville Cirque as it deserves one of its own on account of it being so good!

See the Flickr set Electric Picnic here

See the Flickr set Lucent Dossier here