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Amnesty’s pulled FT Shell advert

Well hopefully FT’s (Financial Times’) decision not to publish the Amnesty advert to bring attention to Shell’s nasty Niger Delta history in time for their AGM has been seen more now than ever would have been if FT had printed it (indeed it was probably seen more in the Metro). It’s nice to see people passing on the ad via Facebook and on blogs and hopefully this has a big impact on Shell’s sense of responsibility for it’s exploits in Nigeria. Of course I feel obliged to do the same and here it is… (click to see big)

for more info, check out Amnesty’s page about this campaign…

An apology from Shell?


Too good to be true?

Yes, men!

In related news… here in Ireland, two hours ago, four Shell2Sea activists chained themselves to a stairwell inside the Department of Energy and Natural Resources in support of jailed activists Pat O’ Donnell (101 days)and Niall Harnett (31 days)