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Welcome to 2008


Our planet

Happy New Year! It’s 2008 and it’s gonna be great!

So this year has been designated “International Year of Planet Earth” by the United Nations General Assembly. This is a forward thinking project which aims to bring about more awareness about the care we need to give this planet we all live on and to think about the generations who will be living on it in years to come. Read more

Justicia Now

justicia mofilms

Last post for today (on this site anyway!). I forgot to link this up here before. I have it on my Stumbleupon page and spread it a bit on Facebook. This is a short documentary by Mofilms which gives us an insight into how the indigenous people and nature in South America are affected by the business of Oil.
You can download the film from

Justicia Now! is a documentary about Chevron Texaco’s toxic legacy in the Northern Ecuadorian region
of the Amazon rainforest – and a courageous group of people called Los Afectados (The Affected Ones) who are seeking justice for the ensuing cancer, sickness and death in the largest environmental class action lawsuit in history.


On a related note; have a look at this very informative website

Shell To Sea – Good activism

Video from Shell To Hell

Three masked men scaled the walls of the Department of Natural Resources to make a point on Eamon Ryan’s balcony. This was very well done and in a good humored way to bring attention to the campaign. Read more