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IT IS ON dot TV # 1 – Tara Saga


The first programme is on officially as of 22nd of December 2007 at 06:08 UTC (Winter Solstice). It is called “Tara Saga” (now the third working title for this documentary project!) and is a project to tell the story of Tara from circa 3,000 BC to the present day.

There are still a few glitches to sort out with the site but it is up and running now and I wil fix it and build upon it along the way. The last few months since June of this year has been an amazing journey for me because of taking on this project. I’ve been relatively quite about it on the blog here as it has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. I didn’t want to start the online documentation of the documentary (and that’s what it is, and more) until I was prepared to do so. I been looking for some way to fund this project but nothing in the usual official ways works out for a variety of reasons. So now take the project back to the internet where my interest in the current issues surrounding the preservation of our heritage and culture and better future which have been highlighted by the controversial decision by the Irish Government to build a motorway through the Tara-Skryne (Gabhra) Valley.

So the site is open and the idea being that it is an open media channel. You can participate in the dialogue by uploading video responses to the site or my comment in audio and/or video via your computer’s mic and/or camera.
At present the technology behind the this is not working and it will hopefully be fixed soon. But you can still use Revver to upload pre-recorded pieces from your computer when you log-in to the site.

Here’s the first Revver video I put up which was made in the small hours before the Winter Solstice and the launch of the site.

Please participate in the Tara Saga. The site will be unmoderated for the first few weeks so you can register straight away and collaborate with this new media.

Miniature Civilisations

Capitalism is about using money to make money for people who already have more of it than they need. Its institutions, by their very nature, breed inequality, exclusion, environmental destruction, social irresponsibility and economic instability while homogenising cultures, weakening the institutions of democracy, and eroding the moral and social fabric of society. – David Korten

The Miniature Earth is powerful piece of multimedia that shows us the statistics of life on earth. The message? = Be thankful for what you’ve got and help others, especially those you don’t know, by treating them as human beings no matter what the differences are. The world is not the way it is by accident. It is like this because of greed and fear. Greed is NOT what we need and fear should NOT be let near. Be bold, but be nice. Share.

This was sent to me by a friend on Facebook and duly passed around. But I need to put it here alongside some related videos, especially given the time of the year, as a reminder of how unjust this world is. Don’t close your eyes.

The Miniature Earth

Next up is a piece from Avaaz (meaning “voice” or “song” in Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, and other langauges) is a community of global citizens who take action on major issues around the world. The video is made by Agit-Pop and features the music of Dj Spooky.

Stop the Clash of Civilizations

And the final word goes to Alan Watts, with the help of the animation skills of the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Prickles and Goo

Post No Bills

herald asbo article
[click for bigger image]

I picked up a free copy of the Evening Herald in Bus Aras the other day. Unfortunately there was no recycling bins where I could dispose of this waste of paper so I left it on the bench to pollute someone else’s mind after me! Anyway, I could write an in depth piece about ‘free’ newspapers and the waste that they are, but I will save that one for another day.

This story is related though and it stems from this piece that I snapped from this free rag to pass the time while I waited for my bus. The article talks about Anti Social Behaviour and the photo cites graffiti as being such that. But yet, graffiti is not mentioned in the article and I wonder if it is in the report at all.

Now I’m not going to defend all graffiti here. Some of it, is of course rubbish. Tags could be seen as just the work of bored teens rather than a piece of art or a statement. I don’t really get tagging to be honest. Some of it is good, especially on a big scale where there is obviously preparation and thought put into the design. But some is just crap, the “I woz ere” or “BA luvs GB” variety, as much to say “I own this here bit of wall, look at me”. Now I know a lot of graffiti artists will disagree with me, but you have to draw the line somewhere and by that I mean where you don’t write on walls. For example, if it is going to piss someone off enough to start addressing their local politicians about cleaning up the neighbourhoods and imposing tough penalties on people who draw on the walls no matter if they are just inconsiderate bored teens or creative street artists. In other words, painting them all with the same brush.
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