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Laser Engraving a Mac

I’ve been thinking of getting an engraving on my computer for a while now. Have yet to find a place local that will do this well for a good price. It is a far nicer idea than putting stickers all over it, that’s for sure. I also want to change the colour of the Mac logo, which seems to be a straight forward enough process. iColours are a company in Canada that provide this service, although it is something you can do yourself very easily with some coloured gels.

Anyway, back to the engraving. There are a lot of very cool design out there from people who have bravely put their laptop under the knife. The following are three such examples done to Macs.

cool mbp engraving

Engrave Your Tech are one firm out there who will help you customise your laptop etc with high quality engraving. This design is amazing and shows you the detail that can be achieved with this process.
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Predator Vision

Predator vision from iSight camera. Made with Freakshow.

(video podcast test 1)