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Putting things in perspective, on your desktop, with your hands..

This is a great video showcasing the touch screen technology of Perceptive Pixel, Inc. Jeff Han is the main man at the company and he shows you here the future of computers, akin to PK Dick’s inspired Minority Report’s hands on computer experience sequence. Oh, and Tom Cruise was in it too!
Han’s hands navigate huge multi-touch screens controlling all aspects of various software by very clever means. This is bigger than the iPhone! Available now for those who can afford a six figure sum.

My Visuals

in an effort to record more of my live visuals’ sets I have put up a piece online I was messing around with in the studio. this is not my usual vj set-up as I was beta testing vdmx for the past few weeks. guess what? – it rocks! this is now my number 1 vj app.

so this is just an unrehearsed mess around with some of my video clips and the music of decal…

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Just digging.

Not that I need reminding but I’ve been going though my gigabytes of files and trying to put some order on them. I back stuff up regularly, but this means the files are not readily accessible. I use a program called CDFinder to catalogue all backed up cds an dvds so that it’s easy to find files without loading the discs. Its a very handy program, but I also need to keep a lot of stuff on external drives so I can have easy access to them. My total personal storage is well over 2TB (terrabytes) and although this includes a couple of damaged Lacie drives which I avoid using, it is still a hugh amount. Video is by far the biggest occupant of drive space and I like to keep all my video work on dedicated drives. But for some projects it just spills over and sometime things get lost (for a while). So as well as my usual Inbox / Outbox file management systems I would like to use something like smart tagging to find files. Automator allows adding annotations to any file Quicktime will play. This is very handy but it doesn’t allow you to add words in the Keywords dialogue box. What I would like is an application that is somewhere between iVideo and Postmap for better organising of video files. Anyway enough on that. My favourite new app is Journler which is simply an amazing organisational tool. From now on, clippings, pdfs and other research items will go in here for better sorting of thought and ideas. This is a great application and is free for personal use. I purchased it because I feel it is an essential tool for my both in business and in life. Try it now from here. (Oh, it is a Mac app and let it be known that most software I review here is for Mac unless stated)

Here is something I found to remind me to get a certain project finished. It was started a long time ago but will be worth while when it is complete. Although it is a big project the main reason it’s still in progress is that so many other things have needed my attention beforehand. Anyway its coming soon enough and I will add some preview clips up here in a few days.