Redrum # 1 (inc 2 x livesets on mp3)

redrum 001 flyer

I’ve been a bit slow on updating this blog of late. I’ve been in headless chicken mode for the past few weeks. Anyways to start the ball rolling here is a bit of a gig review type thing.

I was asked by Red of Ursus Crew to make some visuals happen at the st Redrum clubnight in McGruders back on the 16th. So I moseyed on down with my ever expanding VJ kit to McGruders on Thomas Street a few hours before kick off. I had forgotten how cool this venue was for running nights in. There was three areas set up for the music as well as a very nice covered beer garden with heaters that work when you stand in the right place!

The main bar downstairs was set up with some short films courtesy of Future Shorts to get the ball rolling at the start of the night which was later used for some techno beats. Upstairs was the main room, a sizable space well suited for the main attractions and around the corder was another bar area with a healthy dose of dubstep comin’ atcha outta da speakers! There was supposed to be another room in the basement but that didn’t materialize in the end… not that it needed to as there was plenty on offer all around the premises.

After a few technical difficulties the main room got going and I had located myself and my kit at the back of the room to thrown some visual shapes on the screens. By the time Lakker came on the place was filling up nicely. I had forgotten how good the sounds they produce and really enjoyed that set. Next up was some nice beats provided by Puzzleweasel which were well received by keen ears and feet! At this stage I had a wander around and the place was rammed. It was great to see such a good crowd turn up for the night. Vex’d were on on the next and played a cracker of a set (the 1st of the bonus mps at the end of this post) and the upstairs room was now well filled up with party people. Finally there was Shitmat who let it rip with his own brand of mashcore breakin beats topped with microphone antics (the 2nd mp3 treat) and the crowd were going nuts.

Overall I enjoyed the night, kept the alcohol to a minimum and soaked up the good atmosphere in the place. I took a feed from the desk to record some of the set along with the visuals. I was going to put up the video here but to be honest my visuals were not as good as I would have liked them to be. I was having a bit of trouble with one of my VJ applications and it was they one I had prepared some good patches for. Unfortunately the settings got screwed up, so a lot of it was adhoc, just grabbing raw video clips from the drives and doing some basic mixing with them. It was lucky I brought the whole kit as I could mix between the two laptops. Anyways I did cut down some of the better stuff but I’m not going to put that up either as I’m in the process of getting some of my video work online and want to have all the VJ stuff a bit more presentable on it’s own page.

There was some great photo opportunities there and I didn’t get a chance to snap even one. Was kickin’ myself for that as I had two cameras with me! I’m either trigger happy with the camera or take none at all. Ah well. Here’s two from Red’s Photobucket..



Anyway, here’s what you waiting for… two of the sets from the night.. that of Vex’d and that of Shitmat. Download away!

(note, the audio is on the left channel only on the mp3s.. the audio feed was only one channel, I thought I corrected both of these.. if you can center the channels it will be ok.. otherwise please request and I will correct them.. or if anyone else wants to please feel free)