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Redrum # 1 (inc 2 x livesets on mp3)

redrum 001 flyer

I’ve been a bit slow on updating this blog of late. I’ve been in headless chicken mode for the past few weeks. Anyways to start the ball rolling here is a bit of a gig review type thing.

I was asked by Red of Ursus Crew to make some visuals happen at the st Redrum clubnight in McGruders back on the 16th. So I moseyed on down with my ever expanding VJ kit to McGruders on Thomas Street a few hours before kick off. I had forgotten how cool this venue was for running nights in. There was three areas set up for the music as well as a very nice covered beer garden with heaters that work when you stand in the right place!
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Raving In The Black Sea

Words are not needed. Take it away VBS.TV!

Ok, well maybe a few words. This is pure hedonism. I think I will book my flight now!

Kazantip is a republic. A republic of rave! For a whole month you can become a ‘citizen’ of Kazantip on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea. I am speechless. Check it out. KLM will take you there!

Watch this and parts 2 – 4 here