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Newport (Jay-Z & Alicia don’t like it)

Bah.. so I just heard about the pulling off YouTube of the Newport (Ymerodraeth) State of Mind video. Ok, it’s last weeks news, but we aren’t all on the same page at the same time! So, it wasn’t EMI but the songwriters who ordered the takedown (from the holy grail of entertainment that is the Tube of Goo). Yep, Alicia Keys, Jay Z and friends didn’t like it according to reports… 1 2 But then again they probably felt that by pulling it the would make it go even more viral.. More PR! What’s it they say about that?!

Newport State Of Mind: why has it been removed? BBC Wales Music Article by James McLaren is worth a read as it looks at the legal aspect of cover versions etc. The thing is though, it captures something that music inspires… relating, responding, singing (Hey, do you relate?!). It’s all about the versions! Personally I think this version is miles better than the original, certainly much cleverer.

Don’t get me started on sample based music (or even inspired music for that matter)…


Hats off to MJ Delaney and team

And so, given the nature of sharing, the video has been reposted on YouTube by many.. picking one here.. we’ll see does it last..

also check out Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s response to the parody..

Sony releases new….

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

Jack in the Box, Hill and the Bill!

Ok, I’m not sure what that headline means, I just made it up and it sounded good! Well, this is all about Jack Nicholson’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. This viral has being flying around Youtube fro the last few days and naturally it gets parodied (2nd clip) and questioned (3rd clip). Has Jack been a bad boy?! You can decide…

This all reminds me of that other Hilary in Hollywood story (well scandal really) as documented on here on Hillcap and all around the web.