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Blog updates

I’ve been tinkering around with the K2 theme for WordPress but it seems to keep defaulting back to Kubrick. I have a plan though to make this whole thing work nicely. The Tara Saga site is evolving too with lots of cool features and I will soon be putting up a couple of video specific blogs.

So if it’s not looking a neat and usable as it should be then it’s because I’m renovating!

Dear Rockers

This is hilarious! Dear Rockers is a website which encourages you to send some love, in the form of hard currency to music artists who you like but might not have obtained all of their music legally. The site contains copies of some great letters sent to the likes of Axl Rose, Maroon 5, Sufjan Stevens and Billy Joel to name just a few. At first is seems like a pisstake but it’s apparently not. It’s a novel little idea which at the least highlights some of the holes in the recordings industry’s case on the war on piracy. Compare for example iTunes to Napster’s services on price alone. Should digital cost the same per track on average as a CD? There are no production costs. This article on Ars Technica shed more light on this debate especially in the comments that follow.

Anyway, back to Dear Rockers. Here’s what it is all about… Read more

Go-Team gig. Bouncers, Visuals, Teamwork etc

Ok, here are my two cents on Nialler9 post and the comments it has ensued.

Firstly I wasn’t at the gig but I have talked briefly to people who were at it and in particular the blog author and yer man with the ponytail! I met both Niall and Tim at Seomra Spraoi on Friday night and the subject of a blog spat came up. I had a look at the post yesterday. I will talk about my overall feeling to this and deal with the spat in the bullet points at the end. I things it’s fitting to do so as such!
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