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Picnic '07

Picnic’07 montage

Picnic Network is a creative media festival which takes place in Amsterdam. I was fortunate to be an invited guest of DivX / Stage6 at the festival last week. On Wednesday I was on a panel entitled “Digital Video – The New Creative Process” as part of a day long session regarding “Transforming Media”. I got to meet lots of very interesting people with like minds starting with the good folks from DivX / Stage 6 ; Genevieve, Ben, Jim, Melissa, James and Jordan. The panel discussions were very stimulating as it represented a good cross section of people with new ideas for the creation and distribution of quality digital media. The following people participated alongside myself:

> M dot Strange – We Are The Strange – fantastic animator of a strange and extraordinary piece of work.
> Gabriel McIntyre – – founding member of a forward thinking organisation of vloggers and a whole lot more.
> Jamie King – Steal This Film – director of the film about piracy online featuring The Pirate Bay as a case study.
> Henrik Moltke – Good Copy / Bad Copy – director of this excellent film, see my review of this from a while back
> Wendy Bernfeld – Rights Stuff – founder of advisory group for media companies
> Steven Lee – Star Wreck Studios – CEO of groundbreaking Finnish film company which explores space and beyond on a shoestring.
> Ton Roosendaal – Blender – Founder of groundbreaking animation solution, Blender.

And this was just the first day! – a great way to kick off an exciting week of new discoveries.

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Putting things in perspective, on your desktop, with your hands..

This is a great video showcasing the touch screen technology of Perceptive Pixel, Inc. Jeff Han is the main man at the company and he shows you here the future of computers, akin to PK Dick’s inspired Minority Report’s hands on computer experience sequence. Oh, and Tom Cruise was in it too!
Han’s hands navigate huge multi-touch screens controlling all aspects of various software by very clever means. This is bigger than the iPhone! Available now for those who can afford a six figure sum.

Will it Blend?

Will it mix, will it blend? This guy finds out. An iPhone, no less, no more.
It’s just black dust!

This has gotta be seen. It’s funny that this is done with an iPhone, it has obviously catapulted this YouTube channel into the stratosphere, what with people seeing if it’s true. It is true! The iPhone is not indestructible. The blender used here is obviously an industrial high end type and will chew plastic with ease. This is so good that I had to subscribe, so I can check out all the things that get blended.

This video was added 2 days ago. It’s got almost 700,000 views in that time and counting by the second. There is an iPod one which has over 3 million views so this one is gonna top the YouTube charts I reckon. It will be old news soon. Sometime next week!

Anyway it just goes to show our fascination for technology and also our appetite for destruction.

Now serving…..

I’ll end this with my always a1 apple advice! Don’t buy an iPhone, yet. It will only get better, cheaper, bigger (storage), better…..

The remains of the iPhone are for sale on Ebay

current bid = $1200 !